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Aluminum Fencing Adds Beauty and Security To Your Long Island Home

Years ago aluminum fencing meant a boring and plain look. This is no longer the case due to the huge variety of colors and styles now available. Call Continental Fence to personally address the wide array of lovely options for your fenced Long Island home.

Aluminum fencing has been around for many years but never has it had the appeal of today’s products. For as long as people have had property that they wanted to decorate or secure, fencing has been around. A long time ago the only option that you had for fencing was with natural materials such as wood or stone. The designs were simple and the colors, although limitless, were less than exciting. The color options were vast since you could choose from any color of paint that you wanted.

Paint had serious drawbacks to it though. Aside from the flat appearance of it, you had to constantly maintain the surface. Paint chipped very easily and even if the coat stayed intact the elements would give it a worn out look in no time at all. This of course left you with a decision to make, leave the ugly paint on or remove it and repaint the fence. The bottom line is that this was not good and changes had to be made. At that point manufacturers started to make iron and aluminum fencing. Read More

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