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Finding a Reputable Long Island Fence Contractor

Long Island homeowners and property managers are always faced with the same dilemma when searching for a fencing/railing contractor. Questions of concern are; Are they licensed and insured, do they have a successful track record, do they provide high quality work with the best materials, will they stand behind their work, how long has this company been in business, are there any complaints filed against them with the BBB.

These are all valid and important questions, especially when you are about to hire a company to install railing in an apartment complex or a swimming pool fence that has to meet strict health and safety codes as well as building codes. When you are in the market for an experienced and reputable fencing contractor you should start your search with these questions in mind. When someone's life may depend on a correctly installed quality hand or stair rail system or fence you have to ensure that you are hiring the right person for the job. Also, please be sure to call Continental Fence with any questions!

#1: Do not always rely on the Yellow Pages... You have to ask around the community firstly because these are people with first hand experience. A fencing contractor that has a lot of word-of-mouth advertising is 110% better than one with a $1200 ad in the Yellow Pages. You have no way of knowing if he paid for that ad by ripping someone off or if he produces a quantity of cookie cutter jobs without customer input and customization.

#2: Call your local Chamber and Better Business Bureaus. You want to find out how long this company or contractor has been around, what's his history of complaints (if any), if they are active in the community... etc.. This can help you form a more accurate picture of the contractor's business dealings and how the company has handled complaint resolution.

#3: When you find a contractor that you are comfortable with, ask to see their portfolio. Portfolios are a source of pride to reputable businesses, the contractor should be more than willing to show you his portfolio along with give you the addresses of a few places with jobs similar to yours'. If the contractor is not forthcoming with the requested information, look harder.

#4: Almost all reputable businesses have a web presence now. Get the contractor web address (if he has one) so you can review his site. Often times, they have placed additional tools on the site along with their portfolios and references. A little tool I use to check a website for original images in their portfolio is that I right on the background of the page, a drop down menu appears and towards the bottom you will see "View Page Source" or "Get Source Code" If you select view page source it will show you the originating website for any images that may have been copied. Site builder borrow images all the time; nothing really wrong with it if you advise the person you are borrowing from. That changes when you are a contractor trying to pass borrowed images off as your very own work. All images of fences on are the work of Continental Fence!