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What Fence Height For Your Long Island Home?

How tall a fence for your Long Island home depends on the intended use, building codes, and of course your personal tastes. When you’re setting out with a fencing project, you should think about what you’re using it for so you can determine if any local building codes affect you and select the best materials. Continental Fence will be able to help you with information about fencing ordinances, as can contractors.

The first question is what you’re using the fence for. Some common applications include: privacy, keeping animals in, keeping animals out, hiding an unsightly nuisance, or securing an area like a pool to ensure that children and animals don’t fall in. In all these instances, the material used can be as important as the height, which is something important to consider.

Privacy fences and those intended to high something you don’t want to look at can range from four to eight feet high, but be warned that many cities cap fence heights at six feet, so you’d need to apply for a variance to install a higher fence. For that, you’d probably need the cooperation of the neighbors who will be looking at it, and it helps to present plans for how you’ll keep the fence aesthetically pleasant and in good shape. Be aware that living fences made from plants are also subject to regulations in many cities, and you’ll need to commit to trimming and maintenance to keep them at the correct height. Read More